Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hannah Starkey 1836

Its been a long time in coming but here she is; Hannah Starkey completing her masterpiece in 1836!  The latest Traveling Stitcher release is on its way to your favorite LNS or ONS.
The motifs are amazing on this sampler and the stunning butterfly border is something I have never seen!  An amazing red brick house, flowers, lady and gentleman, shepherd and his sheep.  A boy and his dog, memorial which reads "Wer not forgot", birds, animals, sailing ship, angels......its endless!! 
The verse reads:
Dear Jesus smooth that rugged way
And lead me to the realms of the day
To milder skies and brighter plains
Where everlasting sunshine reigns 

She is was stitched in silk on uneven weave linen.  I have charted this sampler to included all linen counts, AVS silks and DMC threads.  There is are 2 very small spots of over one stitching-- in the memorial and in the red brick house.  The rest of the sampler is all over 2, traditional cross stitching.  I hope you enjoy finding all the different motifs as I have enjoyed creating this pattern for all of you! 


  1. Have ordered it from The Attic and cannot wait until it arrives. Love the motif ofthe little boy and dog.

  2. Have ordered it from The Attic and cannot wait until it arrives. Love the motif ofthe little boy and dog.

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