Monday, September 30, 2013

More progress pics!!

I have some more progress to show you on both Caroline Baird and the Greek Sampler!
First up is Caroline Baird-- she is so bright and colorful it is a pleasure to work on her :)
I finally finished the last motif on the bottom right hand corner
And now I am working on the verse, starting from the top.  I don't know why I leave the over-one till the end, I should learn right?!!

Next is the Greek Sampler 1828
Half done and looking good!!  The few motifs remaining on the bottom should be a breeze and this sampler will be complete it no time.  I'm excited!  How many samplers do you see with Greek symbols and letters?  I wonder why we don't see more samplers from Greece?  Any thoughts?  They did such great embroidery work, you would think we would see more.
Does anyone have any progress pics to share from the Traveling Stitcher samplers?  I am always excited to see!!!

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