Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coming soon to a shop near you!

This 2014 Nashville market is an exciting one--  I have 2 patterns being released and I am soo thrilled to share them with all of you :)

Up first is A & E Long and Lean:


and the 2nd one is
Ane Kirstine Larsen:

Please call your LNS to place your order-- I look forward to progress pictures very soon!!!!
I hope all of you have a safe, warm and stitchy weekend!!!!


  1. I love them both! Can't wait to own them, they really speak to me!

  2. Love them both,is there a UK stockist please

    1. I am pretty sure that all the shops listed on the side of this blog would be more then happy to ship to you in the UK. If not, please email me at

      and I will help you find a shop!

  3. what stitches are used in A and E? Any over one or is it all cross stitch over two threads? Thank you .

  4. All full cross over 2 threads. You can certainly stitch this over one, it would be beautiful as well!! Send in some progress pics, I would love to post them for you :)