Thursday, April 28, 2011


Starting a blog takes some amount of work--WOW.   I have spent many hours, tweaking and revising the colors and pics and layout of this blog and I am thrilled to share it with all of you.    I love antique samplers, stitch reproductions and have just a great time stitching and collecting all kinds of stash.  I stitch on linen, and love silks.  I will have several goodies to show in the next coming months.  Stitchers from the beginning, have often traveled far and wide.  Coming from England and starting a new home in America, stitching samplers.  Moving from one small town to another.  We are all traveling stitchers, some more then others.  I am so excited to learn about where these gals stitched, and where their samplers ended up.  I have much to learn, but it is always exciting.   When I travel, it is fun to take my stitching, and looking back, it is fun to see where my pieces have been.

The picture on top of my blog, is one of my favorites that I took.  A few years ago my Husband and I went to Fiji.   I could have moved there in a New York minute!!!  So peaceful, so beautiful and the folks so very friendly.  The weather as you can see was exquisite, warm and inviting.  Something I long for here in our the very cold winter we are having this year in the US.  I feel spring is just around the corner, and I cant wait for the summer.  

Getting to Fiji is an adventure all in its own.  The plane from the main-land to one of the various islands we went to, was what I call a puddle jumper.  Open propellers on the side and much like a tin box.  There is no pressurizing of the cabin, so therefore it flies low.  The view from the plane was incredible and I can see it like I flew there this morning.   When we go to the airport these days, the biggest concern for security are all these fancy scanners,  x-ray machines, pat downs.  But, going to Fiji on this small plane, all of us had to step on a scale and get weighed.  Yes, you read correctly, every pound had to be accounted for, because of weight restrictions for the plane.  Can you EVEN???!!!!   So, our luggage, and ourselves, all on the scale and in plain site for all to see.  Hopefully no-one noticed that you gained a few from the first time you landed, to the departure weight-- LOL.

Fiji, however outside the pristine, luxury resorts, is very poor country.  Very tropical and the foliage is amazing.  The rain forest is outstanding.  But, the roads if they are paved, are filled with huge pot holes, or they are just plain dirt.  You feel like you are stepping back in time.  The locals don't know the difference and are content with everything.  We went into town and took the bus- 

I think the bus was from 1975, it ran good, but the seats reminded me of when I was in elementary school, and it was like a tin box inside.  It was in desperate need of new shocks, but I think even if they were replaced, with the condition of the roads, it wouldnt have helped :)

The market was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, everyone bringing their goods and selling exotic fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and lobster. Check out the carrots in the first pic below, they are huge!  Everything was so big, so ripe and ready for a fresh stew.  Beautiful salads, and fresh tomatoes-- eating healthy is always an option here.

Everything that was for sale was so in-expensive, it was unbelievable.  So fresh, and everyone so excited to show you their goods.

The view across from the open market was a small bodega, selling packaged goods.  Similar to our local drug store.  What do you think of the Police Station?! 

This picture above, is a view out of our bure (cottage).  Yes, the water is only a few feet from our door.  The sand and shells incredible.  The breeze refreshing.  Night snorkeling outstanding.  The food amazing.  Overall, I would go back to Fiji this afternoon.  It was worth the long plane ride, it was worth getting on the scale.  I am thrilled we were able to experience it.  

Traveling around is one of the most exciting things isnt it??.   I love that I am able to view in this great land of ours.  So much beauty.  One of the best things is I love to visit museums, landmarks,  and local needlework shops.  It is great fun to visit a new shop for the first time, and meet new folks.  Every shop has something different, and I have several favorites, but one of the common things I find in the different shops-- are friendly stitchers.  I am excited to be able to meet these folks and see what they are stitching on, and to show them what I am interested in. 

I am working on a project now, that I will share with all of you shortly.  I am quite excited about it too.  Just  a few details to work out, but stay tuned.  I think you all will be excited too :)

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