Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New for you.....

Here it is June 1st already, and I have a few pics to share with all of you, on the progress of my new reproduction pattern...... E. Bloeser.  I purchased the original about 2 years ago, and thought she would be great for my first pattern release. 

She is made up of 11 beautiful colors.  I have charted this sampler, for both DMC and NPI.  I chose Lakeside Linens 36ct to match the size and stitched her with Needlepoint Silks, 1 over 2. 


Below, is the new E. Bloeser I have been stitching.   Choosing the same colors she did, and recreating her sampler was so much fun.  To think about her in 1854.  WOW!  She stitched her sampler on a table runner, so the top and bottom edges are finished in a rolled hem.

Tomorrow, I will show you the final piece.  She is all done.  Patterns are rolling out as we speak!!!!  I am super excited to share E. Bloeser with all of you :)

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